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Jeffrey Foucault

Dear Friends,

As many of you know WOJB is broadcasting a limited range and you may not find us on your FM dial. The station has gone through many repairs with equipment throughout the years - even replacing the old transmitter with a newer used one. Unfortunately through the series of events led to the culprit - the electrical system at the site was not wired to handle the100,000 watt signal, causing the equipment to fail. It is unsafe to reconnect the equipment that has been fixed.

WOJB is a community station with a limited budget coming from listener support, business underwriters and a grant from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. It does not receive tribal money or support from tribal entities, as many people believe. It is an independent, non profit community station.

Now more than ever WOJB needs the support because the station's listeners miss them and they need the support to make those necessary repairs to the electrical and transmitter site. These repairs are years and years overdue and in order to protect the equipment and the future of the station they are necessary.

You may make a donation directly to the station on

Chi Miigwech - Thank You Very Much!
Carissa Corbine
WOJB Station Manager